No One Will Care If You Kill Yourself

by Rotten Light

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Video for The World In Flames:


released November 10, 2016

Featuring the vocals of Gaia and the pain of Anna in No One Will Care If You Kill Yourself
Featuring the vocals Veronica Angst W. of The L.I.P. in The World in Flames

Special thanks to Erebus for helping me recording most of the songs.

Rotten Light is:
Silence - Vocals, all Instruments and lyrics



all rights reserved


Rotten Light Burgos, Spain

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Track Name: No One Will Care If You Kill Yourself
Think about it one more time.
Think in your friends if you have any
Think about your parents
Think about how much people hurts you
Think about the person who abused you when you were a child

The symptoms you are showing?
What's happening to your mind
The vomit you are throwing
The feel of tears in you eyes

Everyone wanted to fuck you
And use you in every possible way
Every "I love you" was a lie
No one will ever care about you
No one will care if you kill yourself

Dying is easy
Dying is like a dream
Track Name: Abuse Dealer and Pain Healer
I love my life in vain
let me open my fucking veins
Paranoia, collapse, boys walking, talking and falling in my street while I broke my fucking bass and check my pulse,
writing this lyrics in a waiting room, spirals of madness to my fucking Doom

My brain is drown in blank noise, white noise, harsh noise. Im not deaf I can only hear this shit
I will dance until my spine split
From bottom of the fucking sky your flesh I will rip and eat until the end of this trip

I dont care about my life, how the hell I will care about all that girls that I fucked or raped?
I dont care if she loved me that much I wanted to beat her up
I dont care if she miss me. I enjoyed her tears when she begged me to stop
I wont cry for that worthless maggots. I will never regret for all the pain that I caused

I am the god that paints bruises in you skin
You are made to be crushed by my hand

I want to see your nose bleeding
And overdose in your brain succeeding
Track Name: The World In Flames
Commuting all suffering
The World in flames
I don't care

I will abuse
I will never let you sleep or put your mind at ease
The voice of addiction calls
I will never let you smile

Love, drugs, sadness, darkness
Nothing matters at all
No one should be proud or happy

Nothing matters at all
The world is burning and I don't care
Track Name: Hangover in Negative Mornings
We will drink tonight
All the fucking night
Because we want to die
Because we hate our life!

We will drink tonight
All the fucking night
Because we want to die
Because we hate our fucking life!

I was told to have fun
I was told to be happy with all
Now trust me, and give me your hand!
We will have a trip to a new land

I'll be there when you loose your pride,
When you forget your morals, I'm by your side

You are having fun
Cause your mind is blank
You forget the pain
When you get through your veins

What the fools don't realize
You are fucking lost
I'm telling you a thing
But first, take another pill

Your mind gets numb
And now you can't dance
Now trust me, and give me your hand!
We will have a trip to a new land

You will regret of all this nights
You will lose everyone at your side
You are the master ruining your own life